Mallory Fleming

Mallory Fleming is preparing for her future career as a boutique owner, with an interest in fashion journalism.

Mallory Fleming Defines the Positive Effect of Competitive Sports

Mallory FlemingAs a 10-year veteran of competitive volleyball, Mallory Fleming fully understands the individual and group benefits of playing a team sport. Mallory Fleming acknowledges the time commitment and attendant pressures of any athletic pursuit. However, the camaraderie among team members has made the sacrifice worth it.

According to Mallory Fleming, the collective effort of a sports team comes down to each individual player. By fostering an environment of inclusion and involvement, coaches will ensure that their athletes enjoy the activity. Teamwork is a concept that eventually translates into the real world, says Mallory Fleming. As an adult, the desire to be a team player is a crucial element for success in the workplace.

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Mallory Fleming Gives Tips on Running

RunningQ: How do you stay in shape after volleyball season? Do you run?

Mallory Fleming: Yes, I took up running awhile back. It’s a great way to burn calories, keep weight under control and strengthen your aerobic condition.

Q: Do you find that aerobic exercise like running is a great way to increase energy and sense of well-being?

Mallory Fleming: Yes, it can be a real stress buster, definitely. For me, it clears my head and gives me energy after a day of sitting in a classroom. I’ve also been working in some weights and ab workouts to stay in shape.

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Mallory Fleming Offers Tips for Slimming the Waist in a Hurry

slim-waistQ: Why would anyone need to slim down quickly?

Mallory Fleming: With bikini season right around the corner, many young women and men want to be ready to hit the beach with flatter tummies but have waited until now to start working out. Also, prom season and skimpy summer clothes often call for a quick slim down.

Q: What can people do to quickly slim the waistline?

Mallory Fleming: It depends on the timeline—there are ways to look great tonight as well as ways to look even better in a few months.

Q: What are some tips for slimming down the day of a big event?

Mallory Fleming: Drink a lot of water to flush out the body and avoid calories normally consumed by drinking soda or juice. Stay away from foods that can cause bloating, such as vegetables and sodas that produce gas. A good pair of Spanx can also be helpful, if necessary.

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Mallory Fleming Talks About Her Dream Job

BoutiquePLUME-MARLOW-4_1Mallory Fleming is an Anderson High School honor student and award-winning athlete.

Q: What do you consider a dream job?

Mallory Fleming: I would love to own a boutique. I enjoy helping people find their own personal style. When a girl finds that perfect outfit, the expression on her face makes the discovery as much of a thrill for me as it is for her.

Q: What is it about someone else’s excitement that makes it rewarding for you?

Mallory Fleming: I think it’s the change I see in a person, as if the clothing is a magic cloak that envelops her with confidence. When a girl looks in the mirror and knows she looks great, she stands taller, lifts her head higher, and smiles brighter. It’s wonderful to watch and rewarding to know she likes and respects my fashion judgment.

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Mallory Fleming on the Benefits of Intense Interval Training

running_joints_1209Of the different types of speed training, interval training is the strongest and the most effective. Interval training builds power, speed and fitness. Contrary to widespread belief, the tempo in interval training is not particularly fast. The pace is not, as many believe, the strenuous part of the interval training, but rather its repetitions.

Mallory Fleming is a varsity volleyball player who highly recommends interval training to improve agility and strength. Because volleyball requires great cardiovascular health, interval training along with a routine that improves agility is important, says 18-year-old Mallory Fleming. Interval training helps runners improve their race performance. Athletes of every level can benefit from interval workouts to improve their fitness, says Mallory Fleming.

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